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G-Box Condom Dispenser by Vybz.Love, Quick Grab Case for Wall or Nightstand, Smooth Sexy Safe, Black Box + Easy Mount, Fits 12, Condoms Not Included

The G-Box Condom Dispenser is a gravity-based design that keeps your condoms near by for easier use. Feel suave during sexy-time!

Weekly Intentions Journal

We believe in living an intentional life. But sometimes setting intentions and remembering them is 'effin hard. We made a weekly journal for that.

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Install Your G-Box

  • STICK - Pull off mount backing then stick it onto a flat and clean surface. (Let set 1 hour)

  • LOAD - Separate condoms and load them individually into your G-Box.

  • DISPENSE - Mount your G-Box to your surface and pull out a condom.