Never Kill the VYBZ. Love More.


Stop killing the mood, start finishing the night. Feel sexy grabbing a condom.



12 of your favorite condoms so you're ready for love.



Easily stick to surfaces for convenient quickies.

  • STICK - Pull off mount backing then stick it onto a flat and clean surface. (Let set 1 hour)

  • LOAD - Separate condoms and load them individually into your G-Box.

  • DISPENSE - Mount your G-Box to your surface and pull out a condom.



Grab a condom in style so you never stop the passion.

All the reasons why

The Benifits

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  • EFFORTLESS - One handed condom grabs so you never miss a beat.

  • SEX ENERGY EFFICIENT Conveniently close for when you need them the most.

  • EASY LOADFlip open the lid to stack up your condoms (12 max)

  • SIMPLE SETUPMount to a flat surface to elevate your game to a super agent.

  • SUPERIOR DESIGN Elegantly crafted to be suave, smooth, and safe.

  • HIGHLY COMPATIBLE Great for any couple who wants to elevate their vibrations of love.

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HOW WE DO ITWe see a world where products are created from eco-friendly materials using 3D printers. This helps with just-in-time manufacturing, less waste, and recyclability.

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